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Bowerbird Life has been designed with sustainability as part of its DNA, not an add-on. The benefits to you in year-round comfort and ongoing maintenance affordability are there from initial design strategies and material selection to minimal energy consumption and the flexibility for future adaption.

An excellent Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme scores the energy efficiency of Bowerbird Life highly and it is earned through multiple design measures. You can be confident that your carbon footprint is minimalised long into the future.

Solid Timber construction

Timber veneer

The homes will be constructed predominantly out of locally sourced timber. Timber has many positive environmental effects including increased carbon storage, lower greenhouse gas emissions and assisting the conservation of old growth forests.

Thermally Broken Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Thermally broken double glazing keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter and also reduces condensation, effects of UV fading and noise. Performance of double glazed windows is improved by the inclusion of thermal break technology in the surrounding frames.

Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops deliver a great combination of sleek design and exceptional cooking performance. Super-fast heating and instant response to changes in settings (all while staying cool-to-touch) make them ideal for home chefs and safe for little fingers.

5 star WELS Appliances

5 star WELS Appliances

Water consumption can be expensive for you and the environment. A rating of 5 stars on the international Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme ensures dishwashers, washing machines and other plumbing appliances are extremely efficient.

Photovoltaic Panels for Owners Corporation

Photovoltaic Panels

Off-setting your energy consumption with solar electricity reduces direct greenhouse gas emissions. It’s clean and quiet, incredibly low-maintenance, and best of all, saves you plenty on your power bills.

Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

The use of operable glazing and operable skylights optimises the flow of natural ventilation to a number of the top level apartments.

Rainwater Tanks for Gardens & Toilet Use

Permanent water saving rules are uniform across Victoria. Bowerbird Life’s built-in rainwater tanks and recycled water use reduce your dependency on mains water, are not impacted by periodic government water restriction measures, and prevents excess water bills.

2.7 ceiling heights

With ceiling heights of 2.7 metres in each home as a minimum, the high ceilings promote the use of natural light and natural ventilation in your home.

Sustainable Landscape

Provision of native planting suitable to the area contribute to the greenery of the neighbourhood and attract birdlife to the site. Permeable paving will be used to hard landscaping areas.

Bike Storage

Bike storage in the basement to promote riding bikes to and from home as opposed to driving.

Air Leakage Control

The largest amount of heat and cold air in buildings is generally lost/uncontrolled through air leakage in the buildings envelops causing thermal discomfort.

Using the latest in air seal fabric wraps to the building envelop, the control of air leakage from your home shall be controlled to minimise air leakage and internal condensation and provide for maximum thermal comfort reducing reliance on air conditioning for cooling or heating.


All materials in the building have been selected for their high recyclability & sourced from sustainable supplies. Selected for low allergen & low toxicity (Finishes aimed for zero VOCs volatile organic compounds).

With an outstanding 8 star NatHERS rating, Bowerbird Life’s highly efficient energy use tops a list of comprehensive sustainability features that save on running costs and make your home more comfortable.

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